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Keep our Cash.

The government has floated the idea of a digital currency to replace cash in society. Who does that benefit? Not the ordinary freedom loving Australian.
It means that all of your transactions will be recorded. It means no more ATM’s, no tooth fairy leaving money, no piggy banks to teach our children the value of saving, no pocket money, no chipping in to a hat for those less fortunate, no cash payment for that odd job that needs doing around the house, you’ll need an eftpos machine to have a garage sale, the list goes on and on, you fill in the detail…
More threatening to the individual, of course, is the loss of autonomy as the government moves towards the implementation of a social credit score, like the Communists have in China. If you think that couldn’t happen in Australia just look at what Justin Trudeau did to the truckers in Canada. They threatened the narrative and he froze their bank accounts.
Make no mistake, cash underpins all of our freedoms.

Tell the Truth.

It defies logic to mandate a 1.5 metre distance requirement for people waiting in an airport lounge, but completely ignore that requirement once they’re sitting in a plane. Mandating wearing face masks that come with a manufacturer’s warning that they don’t protect you from Covid. How does requiring you to take an experimental vaccine, with little human testing, that won’t prevent you from catching, carrying and spreading the virus make any sense when there is already a 99.97% survival rate according to the government’s own statistics. Booster, anyone? Why were Health food stores closed during a health crisis but you could still buy saturated fats in the form of a Big Mac and French fries. You could meet your Nanna in Bunnings but not have a cup of tea in her lounge room. God forbid that you were pregnant and posted something on FaceBook that the thought Police didn’t like.

Freedom relies on honesty and integrity. If the message coming from the government is based on distorted logic, then the culture that grows around it is deformed as a result.

What we have been subject to during the past two years of Covid is propaganda. Propaganda that didn’t cost the government, media, or big pharma their livelihoods. We all know that spinning the narrative is part of Politics, but that doesn’t absolve them from their responsibility to tell the truth. They represent us, not corporate interest.

For the government to be held to account we must be informed of the truth behind the bureaucratic decision making process. All advice that was relied upon in response to the pandemic must be made available to the public. Then we can go back to trusting the “science.”
We will never rest until there is justice.

Enshrine Our Freedoms.

If we don’t fight for our freedoms then they will be taken away from us, this axiom is as true today as it ever was.
The Australian constitution was enacted at Federation in 1901. Outside the Exhibition buildings, the home of Australia’s first parliament, the sound of horses hooves could be heard clattering on bluestone streets.
Today, bitumen covers what remains of those bluestones and the Exhibition building has been transformed into a vaccination hub. Mankind is on the precipice of colonising space in a digital age where globalist institutions like the UN, The WEF, The WHO and big Pharma and big tech dominate the Nation State.
Suddenly, the documentation of our freedoms in the constitution at the turn of the twentieth century seems anachronistic. Not many are aware of the constitutions existence let alone the need to comprehend it. Over a century of legislation has created further confusion with Bills like the biosecurity act of 2015 in direct contravention of our constitutional freedoms. Entrusting “special officers” to deprive us of our liberties in accordance with the whims of the bureaucratic state. State governments have exacerbated these measures with their draconian legislative response to “Covid”.
At times, over the last two years, Australians weren’t even allowed to cross state borders to visit sick or dying relatives. Two Victorian men accused of crossing into Western Australia to watch last years grand final spent months languishing in gaol. Australia, is unrecognisable from the country I grew up in.
We have traded our liberty for the perception of health. A compromised perception that is ironically, not only destroying our health but also our wealth. People aren’t allowed to work in one jurisdiction because of their vaccination status yet across the border the “science” changes. Covid is being weaponised by the political establishment to bludgeon the population into submission.

Students need to learn about Civics and how the Constitution might be used to safeguard their freedoms as part of the national curriculum rather than learning an endless litany of identity politics on an ever growing spectrum of victimhood.
We propose to disrupt a complacent and oppressive bureaucracy by amending the constitution. Making amendments that safeguard our right to free speech, assembly and movement. Once the amendments are put in place then governments and their bureaucratic overlords will be compelled, by law, to comply with them. The day the bureaucrats overreach, we, the people, will be able to take them to court and have their dictates ruled unconstitutional.

The Federal constitution can only be amended by referendum. To take effect these changes must be put to the people for a majority vote in a majority of the states.
Amending the constitution to enshrine our freedoms safe from the “creeping assumptions” of an unaccountable bureaucracy. No government has the right to steal our liberty.

Drain the Billabong.

A government that is big enough to cater for all of your needs will inevitably consider itself the arbiter of all of your decisions.

Welfare might have started with the laudable intent of providing government support for ordinary Australians but its being increasingly weaponised against us. How do we bring it back to first principles?
Covid mandates unfairly targeted small to medium enterprises whilst multi-national corporations retained their status as essential services. Government departments continued to operate with their wages intact, quarantined by the taxes of hard-working Australians.
A friend of mine wasn’t allowed to continue his Jim’s lawn mowing franchise and sat at home watching as the guy from the council continued to mow the median strip outside.
Another friend who had a successful health food business, even opening a franchise in the US, couldn’t sell her products to Health Food Shops because they were considered a non-essential service. Fast-food chains like Mcdonald’s, Hungry Jacks and KFC however, were able to operate largely unaffected even though we were in the midst of a public health crisis.

My friend wasn’t eligible for any government support because her business was technically still open even though the shops she sold her products to weren’t.
A young electrical apprentice said he contracted Covid in the workplace, despite the fact that he was double jabbed. How could you prove that he contracted the virus while at work?
Much to the employer’s dismay Work Cover accepted the claim and that apprentice hasn’t returned to work for over six months. The contractor is liable for some of the expenses and hasn’t been able to find a suitable replacement.
If he didn’t mandate the jab things would have been much worse because he would have been liable for all the apprentices compensation. He could have been out of pocket for years to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on how severe the apprentices condition got.
His wife told me she wanted her husband to quit his venture as a private contractor in construction. A business that he had built up over a lifetime. That the price of doing business in Victoria wasn’t worth it. She didn’t trust the “science” behind the mandates. She had witnessed the stress-related deterioration of her husband’s mental health. Not measured in any Covid statistics, of course. She thought the medical profession had sold its “morals for money.” Bureaucratic experts have declared war on common sense.

Doctors have been paid by governments to find in favour of patients having Covid under punitive threats by the Australian Heath Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). The bureaucratic regulator holding the doctors Hippocratic oath to ransom. Mobile clinics have sprung up all over the suburbs and in regional Australia supported by the taxes of ordinary Australians. In many instances, if a cause of death is recorded as Covid families are entitled to make a claim for funeral expenses. This way statistics on Covid related deaths are being artificially manipulated.

Pharmacists are complaining that they don’t receive as big a dividend for administering the vaccination as general practitioners. Nonetheless, big Pharma has successfully managed to coerce governments into privatising the profits and socialising the losses.
The criticism of the freedom movement as making only a moral argument for our liberty is untrue, it is an economic argument of the utmost imperative. Without trust in a society business cannot operate. Especially small business that can’t afford the staff to deal with the extra administrative burden constantly being placed on them.
A shortage of apprentices and workers, in general, has been created by the mandatory nature of the vaccination program. Many people either don’t want to take the jab or are having an adverse reaction on having done so, or perhaps they are gaming a system that has made it acceptable not to have to work.
The number of “For Lease” signs around shopping hubs has increased exponentially over the last twenty-four months, no more so than in the city they once dubbed Marvellous Melbourne. The life force of the economy, small business and the thousands of mums and dads entrepreneurs that keep it going has been destroyed by the double standards of ham-fisted bureaucracy.
Rent seekers and agitators ignorant of the suffocating consequences of an ever-expanding government put unceasing pressure on the public purse to cater to the unrealistic expectations of every Australian. The executive arm of government can’t say no to the treasury and we are spiralling into an inflationary and debt crisis. International bureaucracies from the WHO, the UN and the WEF all place undue pressure on our National Government.
Biosecurity legislation has been enacted to protect us from an invisible enemy and all of our liberties enshrined in the Australian Constitution are being eroded. This is what happens when bureaucracies are allowed to grow unfettered. They have unaccountable authority. Authority without responsibility that leads to tyranny for everyday Australians.

This is why we need to Drain the Billabong by rescinding agreements with International Non Government Organisations and indexing public servants wages to that of the average Australian wage in the private sector. If the average wage rises then so does that of the bureaucrat, if it goes down then their wages respond accordingly.
This way, we will all truly be in it together.

Protect our kids

Ask any parent what’s the most precious thing in their life and chances are they will say their children. Is there anything more beautiful than the sight of children at play? They are the epitome of innocence, reminding us of the inherent beauty in nature as they interact with the world around them.
We invest our hopes and dreams in successfully raising Children to adulthood. Whilst they are in their formative years we actively protect them from what might cause them harm. A healthy society recognises this vulnerability in Children and enacts laws to protect them.
More recently, however, in the never ceasing advance towards a progressive utopia governments have usurped the role of parents. Granting Trans Gender activists direct access to school children through programs like the Safe Schools program. This program allows adults to talk to children about sex as if it was their prerogative. So much so, that if you object to your 10 yo boy coming home and telling you they are transitioning to a girl, the government will fine you and possibly put you in prison.
World renowned US medical school, John Hopkins Medical Centre, stopped performing gender reassignment surgery from 1979 to 2017 citing data that showed it wasn’t helping with the underlying psychological causes of gender dysphoria. In fact, suicide rates amongst people having such radical surgery increased significantly.
In Australia, despite a Royal Commission into the institutionalised sexual abuse of minors, government, in its wisdom, has seen fit to set up a situation where pedophiles are free to operate in the State of Victoria.
We, the parents, have had enough of the bureaucratic indoctrination of our children. We say no to the tyranny of “experts” and yes to parental authority and a traditional education.
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